Class Overview

This three-day course is based on theIICRC S-500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. You will follow the process of a job from the initial emergency phone call to the complete restoration of the home or building.

Along the way you will understand and use inspection tools to determine what is wet. These same tools will allow you to prove conclusively that the structure has been completely dried to acceptable levels.

Following identification of wet materials you will use every type of equipment from extractors to air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers.

The term psychrometry may intimidate you at first. But after three days you will be using terms such as grains of moisture, infiltration, equilibrium moisture content and desiccant. In other words you will have become a professional restorer of water damaged property.

Water Restoration

What You'll Learn

  • Learn new techniques to interpret water damage
  • Understand the five principles of water damage restoration
  • Hands-on demos with extraction tools, moisture meters, and drying equipment based on IICRC S-500 Standards

This course has been approved for (14) IICRC CECs.

Class Schedule - Jon-Don Seattle


8:00 AM - Check-in
8:30 AM - Class Begins
5:00 PM - Class Ends


8:00 AM - Check-in
8:30 AM - Class Begins
5:00 PM - Class Ends


8:00 AM - Check-in
8:30 AM - Class Begins
5:00 PM - Class Ends

Meet Your Instructor

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson has been involved in the cleaning and restoration industry since 2004 and spent many years managing emergency mitigation services, mold remediation, construction projects, and disaster relief efforts. He has real-world experience working as a Technician, Crew Chief, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and Adjuster, giving him a unique perspective into all aspects of restoration work. 

Greg Anderson

What Students Say...

"Greg’s teaching style is very engaging and personable, which helped to learn the material and stay focused"

"Greg made it easy and fun for me to learn."

"I learned more from Greg in this 3 day class than I did in most high school classes. What a fun and interactive environment. Makes learning easy and encourages people to be invested."

"Greg taught me many things I wasn’t aware of. Great educator!"

"Greg is very knowledgeable. I learned a tremendous amount in three days."

"Dude's a comedian while teaching, definitely burns information into your memory while teaching"

Class Location

IICRC Certification

To earn certification, students must pass the certification exam, which is available for an additional fee paid directly to the IICRC.

Students must visit to register online and submit the exam fee prior to or on the first day of class.

Please keep a copy of your payment confirmation or have the means to log in at the end of the scheduled class to report to the instructor once exam registration is complete. You will need to provide proof of registration to complete the exam on the last day of training. Please contact the IICRC with any questions regarding this process.