Class Overview

In just three hours (11am-2pm EST) ...

Steve Toburen will supercharge your phone closing techniques! Your staff will learn how to book the job over the phone along with leads from texts, Facebook, email, Yelp, etc!

WHO should attend?

Cleaning and restoration business owners, managers, and anyone that deals with prospect’s “How much do you charge...?” questions. (Our new SFS online format is perfect for employee training!)

WHY do I need this?

Right now, your staff is peeing away way too many leads that could be ‘converted’! This 3-hour, online class will quickly add huge profits to your company.

HOW much?

$149.00 (You’ll more than pay for your entire seminar when you book your next “I’m just checking prices…” lead!)


This course has been approved for (3) IICRC CECs.

Are you sick and tired of calls like these?

1. Your caller asks: “Hi, I’m just checking around. How much you charge for…?” 

You reply! “Uhhhh….”

Fail to ‘convert’ this potential client? You’ll lose $1,000.00’s in ‘downstream profits’! Or…

2. You quote a price and they reply: “Umm… let me check with my husband and I’ll get back to you.” 

Meekly respond, "OK" and you will NEVER hear from them again! 

What can you say to book this job? Or…

3. You hear: “Wow… I see ads for a whole house done for $99.00 and you want HOW MUCH?” 

How can you convert this caller into a ‘High Profit Client’?

In this fast-paced class Steve shares guaranteed solutions to the profit-crushing issues above and so much more including…

  • NEW! 5 "Lead Conversion" Principles for a cleaning or restoration contractor! 
  • Why (and how to) not answer your business phone 24-7! 
  • NEW! How to get callers to leave a voice mail- guaranteed! 
  • Why you must give callers the “Illusion of Control"
  • NEW! 18 tips to quickly build a bond with your caller. 
  • Why (and how) to immediately ‘Take Ownership’ of the call. 
  • Conquer forever the dreaded “How much do you charge?” question with 3 different residential Phone Scripts!
  • BRAND NEW! Calm an insured with this Phone Format for restoration contractors.
  • NEW! How to recruit phone staff with great closing skills. (Even for owner-operators!) 
  • 9 reasons why to ‘pre-inspect’ 15% of your jobs and how to identify them! 
  • NEW! A phone script that lets you do video "pre-inspections" right from your office... no more time stuck in traffic!
  • How to solve forever the “Lemme check with my husband and I’ll get back to you…” hidden price objection! 
  • NEW! No more "surprise 1-star reviews" with Immediate Quality Check Calls
  • Steve's 5-step script to still make ‘high profits’ from a “Can’t you do it for less?” customer. 
  • NEW! How to ‘Proactively Reach Out’ to customers.
  • Why (and how to) dig for homeowner’s complaints… before homeowners vent online!
  • NEW! How to use the phone to ‘kick start’ business during slow periods.
  • Why forcing techs to "up-sell" ticks off homeowners! Instead...
  • NEW! Make HUGE profits by gently offering high profit ‘Additional Service Options’ on the initial call.

Over 80 pages of SFS ‘Business Infrastructure’ procedures (in both PDF and Word format) including:

  • 'On-site Pre-Inspection' Phone Script (Residential)
  • NEW! "Remote Video Pre-Inspection" Phone Script
  • NEW! "Immediate Pricing" Phone Script (Residential)
  • NEW! Emergency Water Loss Phone Format
  • Initial Call Water Loss Data Sheet
  • NEW! Fire Damage Phone Format
  • Initial Call Fire Damage Data Sheet
  • Phone Script: Booking Previous Clients after a Price Increase
  • NEW! Converting a ‘Smokescreen Objection’ (Residential)
  • NEW! Pre-Arrival Courtesy Contact Call script
  • NEW! Steve's complete 10 page Immediate Quality Check Call system
  • "Customer Concern" Follow-up Sheet
  • 'Cheat Sheet' to flip Unhappy Clients
  • NEW! Phone Script: Reaching Out during a Slow Season
  • Pre-orienting clients on their "Additional Service Options"
  • Incoming Calls/ Cleaning Questions scripts
  • How to answer 24 Common FAQ's
  • Dispatching/ Scheduling
  • When a Technician Finishes the Day Early
  • Previous Job Scheduling procedures
  • NEW! Confirmation Email/ Letter for Residential
  • Customer Inquiry Form (Restoration)
man in sport coat with phone to ear and making thumbs up

'Convert' just one "I'm just checking around. How much do you charge for...?" question and you'll more than pay for this online SFS seminar!

Class Schedule - All Times Eastern (New York)


10:40 am - Check-In

11:00am - Class begins

2:00pm - Class Ends

Free Bonuses:


Seminar Replay

Each attendee receives free 60-day 'video replay' access. (Including our after class networking.) Review your class and/or share it with other company employees. Plus, if you can’t be with us in-person you can still learn on YOUR schedule!


Ready to go procedures

You’ll receive all SFS phone sales systems written in editable Microsoft Word format. You'll easily modify this SFS Business Infrastructure to fit your operation! WOO-HOO!

FREE Review Resources

We’ll also send you Steve's PowerPoint presentation. This means you can review your class workbook keyed to the companion slides.

Meet Your Instructor

Steve Toburen

Steve Toburen spent over 20 years 'down in the trenches' building his cleaning and restoration company into a 1.4 million dollar business. (All in a very small market of 30,000 people!) After successfully selling his flagship company Steve developed his Home Front Success training for residential service companies. He is an internationally recognized expert on small service businesses, a widely published author and a popular instructor. Since 1996 Steve has been the Director of Training for Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success (SFS) program. Under his direction SFS has transformed the lives of thousands of cleaning and restoration industry professionals. Steve is now transitioning SFS Training into an online platform accessible to all industry professionals.

Instructor Steve Toburen

What students say...

Audry and Alan Falls

"It's fantastic to tap into Steve's decades of knowledge and value"

by Audrey Falls; Distinctive Cleaning & Restoration Fort Wayne, IN

After an SFS seminar, I always count on taking away something practical I can implement the same day. Today was no different with so many 'golden nuggets'. It's fantastic to tap into the decades of knowledge and value that Steve provides and to chat with the attendees afterward so we can all help each other grow.

Rusty Zoeller

"The extra nuggets Steve shared have the potential of increasing my earnings by 20-30%!"

by Rusty Zoeller; Restore Pro Sandusky, OH

SFS: ‘Winning over your caller’! reinforced what I already do. But the extra nuggets Steve shared have the potential of increasing my earnings by 20-30%! Steve was natural and unpretentious while the real-life examples he shared were extremely helpful. ‘Winning over your caller’ will help our company culture if all our employees sign on!

Mike Lamunyon

"Steve is lively, energetic and a great teacher!"

by Mike Lamunon, Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair

Steve is lively, energetic and a great teacher! The information in ‘Winning over your caller’ on how to create Customer Cheerleaders was enjoyable and practical.

Jeremy Reets

"Steve is the king of the ‘customer service experience’"

by Jeremy Reets; Champion Cleaning Systems Reets, Sharpsburg, GA

The online seminar was well done, and I picked up good points. (As I expected!) Steve is the king of the ‘customer service experience’! I enjoyed Steve’s wife, Sioux, being involved with the program.

David Harley

"Step-by-step instructions ... not vague ideas"

by David Harley; AdvantaClean of Badgerland, Mequon, WI

Steve's SFS material gives you step-by-step instructions - not vague ideas - I LOVE it!


If at all possible, please print out the workbook before the class starts. There is a lot of information packed into a 3 hour class. This makes it easier to take notes. Please have pen and highlighter handy during the class to be able to take notes.

Absolutely! We'll have breaks at the top of the hour and questions are welcome and we'll have an open networking session at the end for anything else that comes to mind.

Zoom is the videoconferencing program that we'll be using and therefore it is required to have Zoom installed ahead of the class along with a solid internet connection. Here are the Zoom requirements. And the Zoom FAQ page.

Click the link below to access the Class Resources. You will be prompted to enter the password that was created at the time of registration. If you do not know your password, use the "Forgot Password" link to reset it.

If you continue to have trouble, email