Class Overview

Building a team is one thing.
Retaining them is another.

Every restoration owner and manager knows that to grow and sustain a restoration business, you must have the help of a highly trained, dedicated, and fully engaged support team.

Building the team is one thing. Retaining them is another.

With a well-defined pathway to success for your employees, your employees will have a clear vision of "Where do I go from here?" and be excited for their future with your company. 

Implementing an onboarding process puts the entire system of recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent on auto pilot, allowing owners and managers to direct their focus on other core areas of the business.

Breaking the Code hand and graph

It impacts your future prospects, too.

With an established employee onboarding process, not only are you reducing owner and manager workloads and creating a positive culture, but you are also adding scalability to the business that any prospective buyer or designated successor would place a high value on.

What you’ll learn…

  • How to take a new technician with zero experience and turn him/her into a highly skilled Team Member who is a Raving Fan of you brand.
  • Creative ways to recruit Team Members by offering a life-changing career opportunity as opposed to the typical Plane Jane job offer.
  • How to give your employees the opportunity to go from fixed mindset to growth mindset through empowerment that comes from feeling as a contributing member of the company.
  • Why sharing your Vision with the new employee on what the business will look like in 3, 5, and 10 years from now is the key to long-term retention.
  • How to provide a relatable visual pathway for new hires; from where they are now to their possible growth opportunities in the future.
  • Why the Leader – Leader management style is best suited for modern day employees.

BONUS! All students will receive a fully editable Onboarding Process that includes job descriptions, interview guidelines, employee evaluation questionnaires, development plans, and more! You'll also receive a copy of the Power Point presentation so you can refer back to notes and helpful information later on.

Class Schedule - All Times Central (Chicago)


7:45 am - Check-In

8:00am - Class begins

4:30pm - Class Ends

Meet Your Instructor

Ivan Turner

Ivan Turner is the CEO of ShowMe Marketing Solutions and past President of AERODRY Disaster Restoration. He boasts a 23-year record of leading a highly respected full service restoration company in mid-Missouri. After leaving his previous business, Ivan had served as founder and CEO of Disaster Brigade, USA a full-service disaster restoration contractor serving 14 mid-Missouri counties in addition to mobilizing on multiple occasions to catastrophic events.

Ivan has written comprehensive how-to books Marketing to Agents & Adjusters and Marketing to Plumbers. Ivan has been featured and published in Millionaire Blueprints and ICS Magazine, CleanFax and R&R, co-authored 101 Ways to Successfully Market You Restoration Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic and is the published author of I Broke the Code, So Can You! “The story of one man’s rise from obscurity to a place of prominence in the Cleaning & Restoration Industry”.

Ivan Turner

What Students say...

"I’m a 25-year veteran of the business and felt rejuvenated/energized leaving the meeting that day."

I attended Ivan Turner’s Employee Onboarding for Restoration Businesses via Zoom recently. The rest of the group did not attend due to an emergency workload, so it was just Ivan and me. I thought “this could go one of two ways…either I fight to stay awake, or I’m locked in with an interesting person for the next 8 hours.”

I can say with conviction that Ivan was engaging, friendly, an expert in his field and it was a pleasure to be a student in his class.  

The course material/manual alone paid for the class 10-fold with an icing on the cake of a humble restoration expert who knows the trials and tribulations of the Disaster Restoration Industry.

I’m not a newcomer to the industry nor is the company I work for but we’re constantly trying to improve, this training was tailored to all stages of a Restoration Business (from start-ups to giant franchises). 

I think Ivan’s military background and/or general intuition plays a part in his systematic approach.  

Takeaways were plentiful with suggested reading, customer and more importantly employee-centric thinking, the need for a full company buy-in and quite possibly a restart at least in some aspects/division of our company.  

I’m a 25-year veteran of the business and felt rejuvenated/energized leaving the meeting that day.

I highly recommend this course material to all students of the industry… hopefully you get Ivan alone like I did but I’m sure it’s just as engaging with a group.

~ Jesse Koslow, SVP/Prime Family of Companies.

Bill Yeadon

"Ivan Turner scores on both counts"

by Bill Yeadon

Having been an instructor for many years, I enjoy listening to other presenters. Two things I look for: 1) the instructor has done what they are talking about and 2) they present with enthusiasm. Ivan Turner scores on both counts.

Gianni Cortes

"Engaging, insightful, and making the most important topics memorable"

by Gianni Cortes

Mr. Turner is excellent at making a class engaging, insightful, and making the most important topics memorable. He gives us real world experience on top of the knowledge shared rather than solely repeating a PowerPoint. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to take their restoration business to the next level. Excited to implement my learning from this class into my business.

Thank you for sharing practical strategies and actionable steps. I'm eager to implement them in my own business endeavors. Your guidance will undoubtedly make a significant impact.

Looking forward to future opportunities to learn from you.

I highly recommend Ivan Turner if you want to learn from the BEST. 

JM; San Mateo, CA

Just a quick email to thank you for the past two day class on Marketing and onboarding. The information you provided was very helpful and to the point. I definitely learned a great deal and would recommend the class to anyone in the restoration business. Thank you again!

Thank you once again for your class. It was very informative, insightful, and even motivational. The format was very easy to follow. I appreciate your way of presenting so much useful information in a very relatable and practical way. Thank you for making it easy to ask questions and encourage participation. It was good to hear, not only your experiences, but also those of the other students. I will definitely be recommending your classes. Thanks again Ivan!

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us. The insight and value you provide in your class is tremendous! After attending your class I'm shocked that you offer it at such a great price!

I just wanted to thank you for the class a couple of weeks ago-Breaking the Code. It was very enjoyable and informative. We have begun to include much of the information into our marketing program as we prepare to hire a full time marketing person. It’s just not real easy to find just the right person. But we will succeed.


Come with an open mind and be ready to participate! Many of the strategies and sales approaches shared during the course may be new to you. The most important thing for you to remember is that I am here to support you and champion your success.

All students will receive a fully editable Onboarding Process that includes job descriptions, interview guidelines, employee evaluation questionnaires, development plans, and more! You'll also receive a copy of the Power Point presentation so you can refer back to notes and helpful information later on.

Absolutely! Please have your questions ready.

If you have questions regarding sales, marketing, and scaling, how to hire, train and retain employee please send them to me ahead of time, and if possible, we will discuss them during the class. Remember that this is not a technical-related class. This is a course designed to help you build and streamline your employee onboarding process.

Zoom is the videoconferencing program that we'll be using and therefore it is required to have Zoom installed ahead of the class along with a solid internet connection. You will need to have functioning audio & video (microphone and webcam) to participate. Here are the Zoom requirements. And the Zoom FAQ page.

No. However, because the course is packed with so much information, I do ask that you observe the basic housekeeping guidelines: Please tuck yourself away in a quiet area without distraction and place your mobile device on silent during the course. There will be plenty of breaks to take care of business.

There are throngs of men and women wanting to go back to work. Your mission is to build a company worth staying at and one that allows the employees to feel needed, wanted, and appreciated. That’s why building an employee onboarding process is so important. It will ease the day-to-day frustrations associated with hiring, training, and retaining employees.

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