Have the horror stories of ruined upholstery...

prevented you from taking advantage of this lucrative field?

Learn to avoid the mistakes that others have found only through trial and error. Experience can be a great teacher, but a very expensive one. This two-day virtual course will teach you all the techniques necessary to be a successful upholstery and fabric cleaner.

Having experience as a carpet cleaner will help on the easy synthetic fabrics but is of no help on the silks, cottons, linens, and other exotic fabrics you will encounter.

You will learn how to test and inspect each fabric to determine your safest method of cleaning. Certain fabrics such as chintz or moiré require special attention. The pH scale you may have learned in a carpet course will be reviewed heavily and will be the basis for much of your cleaning. Understanding the role of an “acid rinse” will keep you out of trouble. You will learn a detailed inspection process that will keep you from making the big three mistakes: bleeding, browning and shrinkage.

One of the largest and missed opportunities in cleaning is office partition cleaning. You will learn how easy it is to clean these partitions and how to sell this type of cleaning. If you were to compare the value of carpet versus fabric in the average home, fabric would win. Many companies turn down fabric cleaning due to fear. This fear is due to a lack of knowledge and training. Become a fabric specialist and reap the rewards!

What you’ll learn…

  • How to test for the correct cleaning method
  • How to select the proper chemicals and cleaning equipment
  • The inspection process that can eliminate complaints
  • How to clean bleeders and sensitive fabrics
  • How to test for polished cotton
  • When dry cleaning is the right choice
  • What the codes S, W, and X mean
  • How to recognize, prevent and solve difficult problems
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"Very entertaining and educational"

by John Alston

Taking Shawn's Zoom class was awesome! He kept me engaged even after working the night before, and I was very tired. But the pace, and teaching flow is what made it possible for me to hang on! I give him seven stars with five being the highest ... very entertaining and educational!!!


Shawn Bisaillon

Shawn Bisaillon has been teaching professionally for over 20 years. He hold credentials as an Approved IICRC Instructor, IICRC Master Textile Cleaner and Master Restorer. He apprenticed about cleaning and restoring oriental rugs starting at age 18. After working with the family cleaning business for several years he moved on to work with equipment and chemical manufactures and eventually as an industry expert began offering industry training classes. Shawn has trained cleaning specialists all over the world in all facets of the cleaning industry. He works with an aviation speciality group who consults for cleaning programs in some of the world largest airports. He has done training for universities, church groups, BSC, and independent smaller cleaning companies. Shawn has a passion for cleaning and restoration. He has a passion for helping people be and do better. Shawn and his wife Anna operate a successful multi truck cleaning and restoration business in Denver, CO for more than 15 years. Shawn Bisaillon is available for direct consulting opportunities to help your small business or even your large facility management team grow and be profitable. He works to make the science of cleaning fun, interesting and profitable. Contact Shawn directly to learn about additional ways he can help you.

UFT class Apr. 12-13, 2023 with Shawn Bisaillon

2 days of instruction via Zoom 8:30-5:00 MST

  • $325.00

    Includes admission for one person. Student must provide own device with camera, microphone and internet connection. Online classes are non-refundable.

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