Your greatest challenge? Hiring the ‘Very Best People’…

…to join your company’s team. In this 3-hour (11am-2pm EST) SFS seminar Steve Toburen will transform your business with dozens of new and updated SFS procedures to recruit the ‘Very Best People’!

  • WHO should attend? Cleaning and restoration business owners, managers, and other key workers involved in recruiting and/or hiring employees.

  • WHY do I need this? Hiring the Very Best People (VBP) for your business team is a huge factor in your success. (And your personal joy too!) This online SFS Training will give you the tools to make recruiting the VBP an ongoing process.

  • HOW MUCH? $149.00 (Use the concepts in this SFS Training to hire even one ‘Very Best Person’ and you’ll more than pay for this seminar!)

This course has been approved for (3) IICRC CECs.

Just imagine...

1. No more marginal employees that take the fun out of being in business for yourself! (And suck the delight out of your daily life too!) Instead… 

Dream about having staff you look forward to spending time with! (And will challenge you to up your business game too!) 

2. No more ‘lost weekends’ fretting if your lead tech will get yet another DUI and you’ll have to bail him out… AGAIN! Instead… 

Think about ‘no drama’ employees that spend their weekends like you hope to … enjoying their stable, happy, fulfilling and safe family life! 

3. No more being ‘held hostage’ by loser employees because you don’t have their replacements lined up! Instead… 

Imagine the security of pre-screened, pre-interviewed, pre-tested Job Candidates eagerly waiting … for your invitation to build a long-term career with your company!

In this online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! Seminar you’ll receive guaranteed solutions to the profit (and joy!) crushing scenarios above including…

  • NEW! How to fight back (and win) against the current hiring crisis!
  • The Six Steps to build a ‘Critical Mass Business’ (We’ll focus on #1 in this class!)
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of hiring employees.
  • NEW! Seven reasons WHY you must ONLY hire the 'Very Best People'! (VBP)
  • HOW and why to avoid 'Desperation Hiring'!
  • NEW! Avoiding the deadly "I've got a great team now!" complacency.
  • The big question: "Should you hire techs with previous experience?" answered!
  • The 'Gold Standard' in hiring employees.
  • Why you must develop a stable of 'Job Candidates'
  • Nine Steps to develop and keep ‘Employees in Waiting’!
  • Why running ‘Help Wanted Ads’ is almost always a complete waste of time and money!
  • NEW! How to 'Actively Recruit' great employees from other industries.
  • NEW! Why (and how to)add a 'Careers with Us' landing page to your website.
  • Five slam-dunk places to recruit VBP!
  • Why and how to ask your customers for 'employee referrals'.
  • NEW! Ten initial steps to ‘sell’ a VBP on a career with your company.
  • 16 steps to create a more relaxed ‘Interview Environment’ for both sides!
  • 40 great interviewing questions to ask an applicant. (RELAX! You don’t have to ask all of them!)
  • How to ‘re-ask’ a question to get the truth from a Job Candidate.

Over 40 pages of SFS 'Business Infrastructure' procedures (in both PDF and Word format) including:

  • 'Weekly Financial Flash Report' (That anticipates employee ‘issues’)
  • NEW! Sample VBP 'Personality Position Profiles' Recruiting Guide
  • Advertising for Employees
  • Position Advertising
  • NEW! How to Define Hiring Criteria
  • Pre-screening Your Job Candidates
  • Actively Recruiting Employees
  • NEW procedure! Phone Pre-screening Evaluation sheet
  • NEW! Keep good prospects off the market by saying, "Why don't we jump on a Zoom video call right now!"
  • Employee Recruitment Letter to Customers
  • Checking Applicant References
  • NEW procedure! Interviewing Your Candidates
  • Interview Questions to Ask your Candidates
  • Successful Interviewing Practices
  • NEW procedure! Conducting Background Checks
  • Post Selection/Pre-Hiring Final Interview
  • AND much, much more!

Hiring just ONE fun, motivated ‘Very Best Person’ may transform your business! (AND your life!) Implement these SFS procedures to hire hundreds of great employees… and all for $149.00!

Free Bonuses

Take advantage of these extras to guarantee your success!

  • Seminar Replay

    Each attendee will receive free 30 day 'seminar video replay' access. (Including the after class networking session.) Review this SFS program and/or share it with other company employees. Plus, if something 'comes up' you'll still have 30 days to 'transform' your business!

  • Ready to go procedures

    You’ll receive these SFS phone, pre-inspection and office sales systems and procedures written in Microsoft Word format. You can then easily modify this SFS Business Infrastructure to fit your operation! WOO-HOO!

  • FREE Review Resources

    We're also including Steve's PowerPoint slides in case you miss something during this very 'fast-paced' program! So you'll be able to review your class workbook keyed to the companion slide presentation.

What Students Say

"Steve is the king of the ‘customer service experience’"

Jeremy Reets; Champion Cleaning Systems Reets, Sharpsburg, GA

The online seminar was well done, and I picked up good points. (As I expected!) Steve is the king of the ‘customer service experience’! I enjoyed Steve’s wife, Sioux, being involved with the program.

"The extra nuggets Steve shared have the potential of increasing my earnings by 20-30%!"

Rusty Zoeller; Restore Pro Sandusky, OH

SFS: ‘Winning over your caller’! reinforced what I already do. But the extra nuggets Steve shared have the potential of increasing my earnings by 20-30%! Steve was natural and unpretentious while the real-life examples he shared were extremely helpful. ‘Winning over your caller’ will help our company culture if all our employees sign on!

"Steve is lively, energetic and a great teacher!"

Mike Lamunyon; Lamunyon Dry Out Clay Center, KS

Steve is lively, energetic and a great teacher! The information in ‘Winning over your caller’ on how to create Customer Cheerleaders was enjoyable and practical.

"Steve has a ton of experience, is very enthusiastic and held my interest well"

Kevin Kluth; Pinnacle Eco Clean Rochester, NY

‘Winning over your caller’ complements previous SFS programs I’ve attended. (There is always something new to implement in business!) Steve has a ton of experience, is very enthusiastic and held my interest well. This online seminar will renew your commitment on installing systems to motivate employees while increasing your profits!

"It's fantastic to tap into Steve's decades of knowledge and value"

Audrey Falls; Distinctive Cleaning & Restoration Fort Wayne, IN

After an SFS seminar, I always count on taking away something practical I can implement the same day. Today was no different with so many 'golden nuggets'. It's fantastic to tap into the decades of knowledge and value that Steve provides and to chat with the attendees afterward so we can all help each other grow.

"Step-by-step instructions ... not vague ideas"

David Harley; AdvantaClean of Badgerland, Mequon, WI

Steve's SFS material gives you step-by-step instructions - not vague ideas - I LOVE it!

This SFS class will sell out quickly.

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Steve Toburen

Steve Toburen spent over 20 years 'down in the trenches' building his cleaning and restoration company into a 1.4 million dollar business. (All in a very small market of 30,000 people!) After successfully selling his flagship company Steve developed his Home Front Success training for residential service companies. He is an internationally recognized expert on small service businesses, a widely published author and a popular instructor. Since 1996 Steve has been the Director of Training for Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success (SFS) program. Under his direction SFS has transformed the lives of thousands of cleaning and restoration industry professionals. Steve is now transitioning SFS Training into an online platform accessible to all industry professionals.

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