To understand cleaning ...

you must first understand the product — CARPET..

You will learn about the four primary synthetic fibers and how they are extruded, dyed, and spun into yarns before being sent to tufting machines or looms. Wool is a beautiful and luxurious product but can be a nightmare for the uninformed. Learn the proper pH, temperatures, and techniques specific to wool.

Improper installation can cause problems for the cleaning technician. You will learn the important areas of the CRI 105 Installation Standards and how they can protect you from claims that arise after cleaning.

Cleaning chemistry bears more of a resemblance to washing your clothes than to the Periodic Table and atomic structure you suffered through in high school chemistry. The similarity is that if you use the wrong chemistry, you will have poor results. Demonstrations of cleaning chemistry will simplify the subject.

You will learn the secrets spot and stain professionals use before you leave the class. Knowing how to use deodorization technology as well as the benefits of properly applied protectors can be profit builders and a route to “wowing” your customer.

What is encapsulation? We’ll discuss what it is, the different types of equipment options for “encapping” and why you should consider adding this very profitable process to your arsenal of products and methods.

You will learn the five principles of cleaning along with the five most popular cleaning methods. With a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects in hand, you will be taken step-by-step through a complete residential cleaning job. The class ends with a chapter dealing with specialty problems and detailed solutions to each.

What you’ll learn…

  • Identifying carpet fibers
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Choosing the most appropriate cleaning method
  • What is encapsulation and what are its benefits
  • How understanding chemistry can simplify your job
  • How to clean stain-resistant carpets
  • How to properly apply protectors and deodorizers
  • Solutions to the ten most difficult cleaning challenges
  • This course guides you step by step through every facet of professional carpet cleaning for beginners and experienced professionals

This course has been approved for (14) IICRC CECs.

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What students say...

"The perfect certified instructor for us"

by Marleen Geyen, Geyen Group South

Through research and referral I found the perfect certified instructor for us and it has made all the difference. Annually Jeff comes to introduce and refresh information truly necessary for technicians to be experts in their field of commercial carpet cleaning. Speaking in both Spanish and English Jeff is able to communicate detailed information that applies to the work we do in our accounts every night.

"I highly recommend Jeff Cutshall with Jon-Don"

by Kevin Kluth, Pinnacle Eco Clean

For over 40 years I’ve owned a carpet and rug cleaning business in the Rochester, NY area. I highly recommend Jeff Cutshall with Jon Don. We’ve had Jeff train several of our technicians, including our receptionist. He has a nice relaxed, informal style of teaching that I’m sure your technicians will appreciate just as mine have. We’ve been very happy with his instruction. Jeff has taught both the IICRC carpet certification class as well as the IICRC upholstery certification class. I’m sure you will be just as happy attending one of Jeff’s classes as I have.

I highly recommend Jeff for his excellent teaching ability!

Mike Lamunon, Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair

Our company, Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair, specializes in water mitigation and foundation repair. We have engaged Jeff several times over the last 20 years or so to teach several classes for us and help us to create cheerleaders and obtain positive google reviews. I highly recommend Jeff for his excellent teaching ability!

"One of my best decisions"

by Deshaun Neita

Taking the CCT class with Jeff Cutshall was one of my best decisions made. At first I was a little nervous about learning so much information in such a short time, but Mr. Cutshall made the process smooth and understandable. Now because of the class I took, and the encouragement of a brillant and resourceful teacher, I now own my own carpet cleaning business. Thank you for being a great mentor Jeff Cutshall.


Jeff Cutshall

Jeff Cutshall is a Master Textile Cleaner and Approved IICRC Instructor. He started his carpet and upholstery cleaning journey over 40 years ago and has enjoyed working as an employee, a manager and a successful business owner. Jeff is currently teaching five different classes and has been instructing, consulting and traveling internationally for over 20 years. In addition, Jeff has been operating his commercial carpet cleaning business in Kansas City for 21 years. In this rapidly changing industry, he loves to continually experiment with a variety of cleaning methods, procedures and new products. Because of his passion for teaching, Jeff has made sure that his students receive the most rewarding educational experience. Therefore, he has devoted himself to making the virtual classes just as fun and interactive as the live classes.


  • What can I do to prepare for the class?

    If at all possible, please read over the manual before the class starts. After every chapter you will find a 15-question quiz. These questions will help you prepare for the IICRC exam. There is a lot of information packed into a 2-day class. If possible, it’s better if you please print off your manual. This makes it easier to take notes. Please have pen and highlighter handy during the class to be able to take notes.

  • Can I ask questions during the class?

    Absolutely! Please have your questions ready. If you have any photos from previous jobs that you have questions about please send them to me before the class, and if possible, we will discuss them during the class.

  • What are the technical requirements for the course?

    Zoom is the videoconferencing program that we'll be using and therefore it is required to have Zoom installed ahead of the class along with a solid internet connection. Here are the Zoom requirements. And the Zoom FAQ page.

  • How does IICRC certification work?

    The IICRC website offers the most up to date information. Please check out their FAQ about online classes.

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